SNDK update – A trade adjustment ?

As you can see from the below 5 minute chart of SNDK I managed to enter my trade right near the bottom yesterday at $35.93.  SNDK then rallied (with the rest of the market) up to close at $36.69, up 2.1%. 


This puts us much closer to the upside breakeven and short much more delta going into earnings.

This morning SNDK gapped up and is currently trading up 2.25% at $37.51.

I am considering adjusting this trade to become delta neutral and short Vega, or perhaps just take a small loss and move on… BTW: yes, delta neutral, I’m thinking of giving up on the short delta position as this market seem like it’s constantly bullish.

To adjust, I will likely add an OTM call calendar spread. I’m looking at the May / Oct $39 call strike and will use enough contracts to make us delta neutral.  At the current price this will be 26 contracts.

The combined trade looks like this:


I’ll keep you updated.

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