Earnings trade management post earnings, an update on OTEX

So, last I reported OTEX was up in the PM after reporting good earnings.  As I predicted my short SEP calls lost their extrinsic value but unfortunately gained lots of intrinsic value as the underlying moved up. 

My plan was take a loss if OTEX moved above it’s opening high at 9:35am.  Well, not all things go as planned.  I was busy with my regular job seeing patients and by the time I checked the price near the close OTEX had made new highs and was heading down into the close.  I held…

The next day, Friday I was in surgery at the open.  After my surgery I check the price and figured I’d hold and see if OTEX would go down to fill the gap.  I was in surgery all day and when I checked at the end of the day, the gap was not filled and OTEX was pretty much even all day.

Today, Monday, I decided to use my upper end of the opening gap on earnings as my stop out.  OTEX was flat all day and I’m still holding waiting for either a stop above the earnings gap, $43.14 or a move down to take some profits.  At this point there’s little theta effect so holding isn’t terrible.  I’m very long Vega so a move down will benefit me more than the current P&L chart below shows.  (click any picture to enlarge)

I’ll keep you posted on this trade.  As you probably can tell from reading my previous posts, I’m always more comfortable in the current market being bearish.  I am still (still still still – it seems) bearish on this economy.  If this trade were positive delta I would have taken it off already.


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