DIS – Managing this earnings trade that has become short Theta

So, yesterday I didn’t get to exit my DIS trade like I had hoped to.  My regular readers know that when a trade moves in the desired direction I often take my time to get out in small increments, however, with this trade I’m anxious to get out.  Most of my trades are theta positive and with time working on my side I don’t rush to exit.  This trade is theta negative and time is working against me.   I am long back month options and short front month options but still theta negative.  This is because there’s so little extrinsic value left in my short Aug options due to OPX being only 8 days away and because of the Vol Crush that occurred after earnings.

This trade is very short delta and the futures are showing some weakness pre-market and so is DIS (on very light volume).  I’ll monitor and start exiting today. (click picture to enlarge)


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