AUXL – Vol is crushing as I write…

As you can see from the 5 minute chart below, AUXL dipped down in the premarket to $34.50 and is currently trading at $35.63, down $0.03. 


I am watching the chart of Implied Volatility in LiveVol Pro software, pictured below.  I can see right before my eyes the IV dropping and concurrently seeing increasing profit in my Thinkorswim platform.  The horizontal line is the IV on Friday around 45%, and just above 43% this AM. 


End of day Friday we were at a $500 loss.  As of right now we’re up $812.50 for a total of up $312.50.  The conference call is scheduled to start in less than 10 minutes.  The conference call may move the underlying which is currently not moving much, but it may also remove more unknown and be another ‘Vol Event’ and help our trade.

My decision: I’ll sell half now and let the remaining half stand for now.

Stay tuned.

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