MCK – out of the rest – an earnings trade gone well

Click here to see my MCK earnings trade setup and trade management. This morning at the open I closed the remaining spreads for a debit of $0.14 for each 3:2 spread.  On 7/29/10 I entered this trade for a credit of $2.70.  This trade went exactly as planned.  My prediction were spot on for IV… Continue Reading

An update on MCK earnings trade – trade management, exit strategy.

As I last posted (click here) on MCK the day after reporting when I closed three 3:2 spreads for $1.00 debit after initially getting a credit of $2.37 when putting them on. I said that I was in no rush to take off the remaining spreads as they had become positive theta when the underlying… Continue Reading

MCK update – the day after reporting

Friday morning MCK announced earnings that drove the stock way down.  I was in surgery at the market open so I was not in front of my screens.  When I finished my surgery around 10am EST I noticed that MCK was down but trending up.  I put in an order to sell three 3/2 spreads… Continue Reading

MCK earnings trade, a quick update

(Click here to see the prior post with the Earnings trade or just scroll down) So, MCK had a pretty volatile day.  It was up pretty big in the AM which allowed me an excellent entry point.  Originally, last night when I found this trade the credit for the spread was $2.37.  With the AM… Continue Reading

An earnings trade MCK

I’d like to present an earnings trade today.  I’ve been so busy with my regular job as a Podiatrist that I have not had time to write (or trade).  I found MCK in the LiveVol Pro software (  LiveVol has a nice calendar of earnings and dividends.  One click on the symbol brings the underlying… Continue Reading